The #25SURVIVE Revolution

Posted on February 28 2018

The vaping industry has always been a diverse environment.


Across the past two years we’ve seen countless changes. Some good, some great! Some paved the way for new beginnings, some sparked entire industry movements.

If we take a look back to almost the beginning. 15ML bottles were widely used by companies to give their consumers a wide choice amongst the influx of brands hitting the market. The only problem… most of these manufacturers were based across the pond and importing liquids came at a price. Needless to say, as consumers, we paid the price! A 15ml bottle at times came in at the worst part of £18!

The most popular size though, arguably, were the 30ML. The perfect balance between value and volume.

You’d get a good amount of juice for a relatively decent price-point. However, £18 is still £18. So, it went without saying, we were spoilt for a great bargain when it came to the introduction of 50ML & 100ML.

Who remembers the bottles of Ruthless? HUUUGE, medicinal styled bottles hit the scene. Weighing in at around £40-50. At the time, only the truly ‘dedicated’ would invest their hard earned moolah into such a large bottle.

FAST FORWARD two years —>
100ML are now the industry standard. Available for as little as £20 for premium e-liquids. Finally we could all get our hands on our most beloved brands for a super reasonable cost and have them last more than two weeks before the dreaded dregs of the bottle hit!

This wasn’t for everyone of course. There are plenty of juice loving vapers out there that appreciate choice as much as value.

At this stage, the entire industry virtually neglected the 3x10ML, saturating the market with great value 100ML bottles. Totally understandable when you think, most consumers paid the same for the 3x10ML packs as we did for the original 30’s two years before!

December 2017. Chubby Gorilla release an all-new 30ML “Stubby Chubby”. Is this the best shake-up we’ve seen in the past couple of years? Hell yeah! Have to say, we back this decision 100%.

So much so, we released 21 FLAVOURS across 6 NEW LINES.

▸ Copped - The drop you need to cop. ‘THE’ only collection of 6 luxury dessert flavours.
▸ PEAK - Four adventurous fruit flavours in ‘all-new’ 25ml travel size bottles.
▸ Bubbleworx - Four unique bubblegum flavours that you thought you could only chew!
▸ Panda Cola // Lemonade - Six smooth SODA flavours that really POP.


There are many reasons why we’ve started producing 25ML short fills.
As a manufacturer, it’s our job to provide a broad choice for our consumers. Ultimately saving you money and preventing you from wasting liquid when you get bored of the same flavour! Why not spend the same money and have three or four flavours instead of one?

Conveniently pocket sized and easy to carry around, you’ll never be without your favourite juice.
We truly believe this new bottle variant is what the industry has been crying out for! Putting choice back into your local vape shop.

We spoke to some of our stockists about our 25ML short fills & here’s what they had to say about the #revolution….

…The 25ml has taken the bottle sizing back to the good old days but now at an even affordable price! It has always been on our list to return to the 30ml size bottles but no manufacturer had attempted to do this until Prohibition® took the lead and introduced them again. The 25ml short fills help our customers mix and match a few different flavours… we have to admit this new bottle sizing has been the best move to date for our industry…

Absy Fazal
Founder/CEO of Custom Vapes Ltd

For many years the UK vaping industry was awash with innovation — but then TPD came along and we all thought that the days of boundless strides forward had come to an end. Arrested development seeped in and everyone seemed stuck with one option; 100ml short fill e-liquids. In fairness there are some amazing 100ml e-liquids that are genuinely outstanding (DRS and Swish jump to mind), but expecting a customer to part with £25+ for a bottle of e-liquid was a tough ask.
Then some bright spark came up with a panacea — the 25ml short fill. Almost overnight the direction changed in everyone’s favour - premium e-liquid, a manageable bottle size, a reasonable price & loads of variety. Put simply, 25ml bottles are flying off the shelves in our stores nationwide, and they are viewed as the perfect solution by everyone who has tried them out.
Are 25ml e-liquids the missing link in the evolution of the UK vaping scene? Time will tell, but if the first 4 weeks are anything to go by it certainly seems so!…

Shayne Adams

Director of Flavour Vapour Ltd

We'd like to invite you to join @prohibition_vapes on our #25SURVIVE revolution...
Where will the all-new 25ml's take you?

Author: Jax Robertson

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