The #BePro Team Series // #3

Posted on March 21 2017

"I'm Connor, I'm based in our flagship store in Maidstone.

I cover everything from setting new vapers up with a starter kit to showing the more intermediate customers the ins and outs of building your own coils, explaining what you should and shouldn't do when using mechanical/ series or parallel Mods.
I am also heavily involved with arranging and running events instore; such as cloud comps, trick comps, build nights and anything else you could imagine!
My everyday go to is my BŌ One Kit. Whether I'm at home, at work or travelling somewhere I can always rely on my Bo One to get me through the day. I love it because you can get a strong hit, amazing flavour and all round pleasurable vaping experience but in a tiny, sleek and stylish device.
The best thing about it is the awesome battery life you get in such a small package, which can be improved even further with the use of the portable Bo Power portable charging case. It's an all round amazing little device and I can't leave the house without it in my pocket!
Whether I want a good nicotine hit or an amazing punch of flavour, I can always rely on my Bo."

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